Palazzo Barbiani

The urban centre consist of two different parts on either side of the Adige: on the right the Piazza of the Duomo with the Palazzo Barbiani (1892) which is the seat of the Municipality, a work by the homonymous architect, with an imposing tower lightened on top by a pinnacle. The bell-tower, which is 60m high, is particular for its square shape on which the belfry stands out. Beside we have the imposing Duomo di S. Mauro, the original building probably dates back to the 16th century, but the present cathedral was built in 1945, after the war. Inside there is a baptismal font probably of 11th century and a wooden crucifix.
On the left of the Adige is Chiesa di San Giuseppe (1542), also rebuilt after the last war. The imposing ruins of the Torre delle Bebbe situated at the border with Chioggia, are the only remainders of the ancient fortifications and castle of Cavarzere.
From Chioggia, S.S. Romea
From Chioggia, S.S.Romea towards Ravenna, follow the signs for Cavarzere (c. 28km)
From Venezia, S.S.
towards Ravenna, follow the signs for Cavarzere (c. 28km)
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