Fort Carpenedo

The portal of entrance in Istrian stone, in composite style, principally neo-classic, has two semi-columns enriched with the typical horizontal bands of late-Renaissance; the trabeation is surmounted by the original coat of arms of the house of Savoia from the end of 19th century, with the symbol of the arm of Artillery that garrisoned these fortresses.
When you enter, you pass through a gallery called "alla prova" (because it was resistent to enemy attacks), immediately ahead, on the left the Guard corps and on the right the prison.
Going through the entrance gate, you can still see written operating directions for the opening and closing of the drawbridge.
In fact, the final part of the bridge was in the past a real drawbridge, as is proved by the two long openings on the upper part of the portal, which were used for the opening and closing operations. A moat surrounds the entire structure. Originally the moat was about 5 and 6 metres deep and it was excavated by hundreds of workers.
Next to the bridge, there is a long structure with many loop-holes, stretching over the water: it is one of four "caponiere" placed on the corners of the polygonal figure formed by the fort, and it could keep the whole moat and the whole exterior perimeter of the fort within range.

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