Bosco Nordio

S.Anna is surrounded by Bosco Nordio: a beautiful natural reserve of a notable historical and scientific interest still practically intact since its formation. In the Roman age the dunes were part of a coastal strip that continued where the present venetian lagoon ends on the east side and went on beyond the river Adige until the Po and as far as Ravenna. In the middle ages, as in the Roman period, the shore followed the actual dunes and woods of the coastal strip. It’s a wild wood of holy-oaks, laurels and pines, the same constitution as the woods on the other side of the Adige.
(For visits tel. 0438/57033 the Corpo Forestale dello Stato)
From Chioggia, S.S.Romea to Ravenna,  S. Anna ( c. 8 km)
From Venezia, S.S.Romea to Ravenna, Chioggia - S. Anna (c. 34 km)
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