It is thought that the name Mira derives from the Latin word "mira" which means "panoramic viewpoint".
These places had a considerable social – economic development thanks to the river Brenta. It was in fact the border line between Venetian and Paduan possessions, until the Serenissima at the beginning of the XV century definitely consolidated its power all over the territory. The area is characterized by pleasant river landscapes, where the Venetian patricians built their holiday houses in XVII – XVIII century which they reached by going upstream. On the left bank stands Villa Franceschi, with its large park dating back to the late XVI century. It is followed by Villa Pio, dating back to the end of the XVII century which has a ceiling attributed to Nicoḷ Bambini; nowadays in the villa APT (local tourist board) and other associations are housed.
The Church of Mira, on the left bank, shows typical neo-gothic features. An old church was pulled down in Mira at the beginning of XIV century. In 1487 the building of the new church was authorized and the construction began the following year on a plan by the builder Elio da Como and the carpenter Alegreto da Padova. Tha presenr building preserves a lot of structures of the XV century church. Inside there is a St. Antonio with baby Jesus by Gregorio Lazzarini. The presbytery frescos, perhaps by Elisabeth Lazzarini’s daughter, are often instead attributed to the master himself. Finally, a Deposition and a Crucifixion, inspired by Piazzetta.
After the church, on the left bank, stands Palazzo Contarini, called "of the lions", now housing the town library.
On the right bank of the pleasant stretch of water lie the majestic buildings of Mira Lanza, once occuped by Villa Contarini designed the Longhena. Of the original outbuildings only XVII century construction remains located between the factory and the outside wall.
Always on the right bank we find Villa Bon where inside there is "Allegorie delle stagioni" (the allegories of the seasons) inspired by Tiepolo and neo-classic frescoes.
Then there are Villa Foscarini, Villa Alessandri e la Villa Venier.
In Mira Porte we find on the left bank the Casino Moscheni and on the right opposite Villa Wildmann, the wings of Villa Valmarana
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