the populated island of S. Pietro in Volta.

After being destroyed in the 14th century following the " War of Chioggia ", Pellestrina was rebuilt by four noble families who established themselves on the island dividing it into four quarters named after them and contributing to the rebirth of the island.
Despite the colossal work of the "Murazzi", projected by Vincenzo Coronelli (1716) and completed by B. Zendrini (1744), placed to defend the island and the Venetian lagoon, it was seriously damaged by the 1966 flood.
The church of S, Maria di S. Vito is situated in the area where the Virgin is said to have appeared, and was rebuilt in 1723 on a polygonal plan projected by the architect A. Tiraci.
The traditional activities of the islands remain shipbuilding, horticulture, fishing and the production of hand-made lace.

From Chioggia, A.C.T.V. boat service.
From Valle Averto, A.C.T.V. boat service.
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