Santa Maria Assunta’s oratory.
In Rossignago, the ancient oratory of Santa Maria Assunta was decorated between 1382 and 1434, with paintings of San Girolamo and some representations of the Madonna including a "Madonna della rosa", unfortunately damaged and badly deteriorated, bearing the name of the painter Federico Todesco, an artist akin to Jacobello del fiore. Of a higher quality is the "Madonna dell’umiltą" or "Madonna del Latte" that shows evident ties with Tommaso da Modena. The oratory can be visited during the temporary exhibitions organised by the municipality of Spinea from the 18th April to the 18th June and from the 5th September to the 29th October (tel 041/5071150).


From Valle Averto, S.S.309 Romea towards Venezia, follow the signs for Spinea (c. 22 km).
From San Doną di Piave, S.S.14 as far as Mestre, follow the signs for Spinea (c. 44 km).
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