S. Vitale's church
The church of S.Vitale was built in the early 18th century but has undergone many modifications. The ceiling of the central nave was spared during the war and so the big fresco representing the "Trionfo di S.Vitale" attributed to Giovan Battista Canal (1745-1825) has been saved. Of great value is a vigorous "Deposizione di Gesł dalla croce" painted by Paolo de Lorenzi da Soligo (1773-1806).
In Bonifica Loro di Riva Zancana there are the remains of the Roman bridge on the Canalat (1st century BC.). The foundations, built in blocks of sandstone, two piers and two headings have been conserved. The three-arched bridge was on the via Annia .On the excavation site, surrounded by a row of poplars, these foundations can be seen.
Caption: S.Vitale’s church.
From Portogruaro, S.S.14 towards Venezia (20 km ca.)
From S. Doną, S.S. 14 towards Trieste (9 km ca.)
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