Villa Recanati Zucconi



The 18th century Villa Recanati Zucconi consists of a central building enriched with sculptures and pinnacles. Inside there are some stuccoes of excellent workmanship. Villa Soranzo, of the 16th century, is now known as Fracasso. The principal facade represents mythological divinities and was painted by Benedetto Caliari, Paolo Veronese’s brother. Villa Barbarigo or Lazara Pisani, better known as "la Barbariga ", originally consisted in the central building, the two symmetrical wings were added later. Inside we can find some stuccoes of great importance for their variety and elegance. Villa Contarini of San Basegio has an oratory painted by Tiepolo.

From Venezia, S.S.11 towards Padova  (ca. 26 km)
From StrÓ, S.S.11 towards Venezia (ca. 2 km)
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