Rocca dei Tempesta


This medieval township keeps its original town-plan intact: squares and districts with the ancient castle moat. It’s worth a visit: the squares are bordered by arcaded and frescoed buildings; in particular two medieval towers stand out: Torre dell’Orologio and Torre delle Campane. There is also the Rocca dei Tempesta, suggestive remains of the 12th century plain fortification. The parish church dedicated to Saints Felice and Fortunato has an altar by Sansovino and important art-works, some of which attributed to Andrea Schiavone, Lattanzio da Rimini, Cima da Conegliano and Palma il Giovane. The column known as "colonna della pace" (16th century), is by Paolo Pino Veneziano and is placed in the centre of the principal crossroads. In the village of Moniego we find the parish church of S. Maria Annunziata in which a tombstone dated between the 1st century BC and 1st century AD. is kept. In the same church we can see Cappella Grimani, with frescoes of the 16th century. In the village of Cappelletta: Villa Agazzi with some precious frescoes of the 16th-17th centuries.

From Venezia,   towards Camposampiero, (ca. 28 km)
From StrÓ, S.S.515  towards Treviso (ca. 18 km)
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