Villa Priuli Bon



Villa Priuli Bon (end of 16th century) has a facade characterised by a three-arched porch divided by pairs of columns, which is quite different from other buildings of the same period in so much as the porch has a high heavy ashlar base. The motif of the paired columns is repeated on the upper floor, in the arch and balustrade windows and continues up to the roof. A fine Italian garden with statues completes the elegance of the palace.
When we enter Oriago, we can see in the corner of a house, the 13th century "Termine" (made in terracotta), that, until 1405, marked the border between Padua and Venice.

From Venezia, S.S. 11   towards Padova (ca. 18 km)
From StrÓ, S.S. 11  towards Venezia (ca. 17 km)
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