Casa dei Tiepolo

Casa dei Tiepolo, Gianbattista and Giandomenico: it was frescoed with entire cycles representing Carnevale and Pulcinella which have been transferred to Ca’ Rezzonico Museum in Venice.
The Archpriest’s Church , dedicated to Mary’s Nativity and consecrated at the close of 15th century, underwent a radical restoration in the 18th century and was decorated with stuccoes in 1799 by Tiepolo. It is a great oil altarpiece representing S.Francesco di Paola and other Saints. Attributed to the same author is the "Madonna with the Infant Jesus appearing to S.Antonio". On the outside the square belfry can be seen, transformed from a civil tower and extended to a greater height in 1508.
From Venezia, follow the signs for Mirano, continue to Zianigo (c. 20 km)
From Strà, S.S. 11 as far as Dolo, follow signs for Mirano, continue to Zianigo (c. 17 km)
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