South Lagoon Civic Museum"San Francesco fuori le mura"

The museum is situated in the ex-monastery of "San Francesco fuori le mura". The construction of the convent began in 1314. On that occasion the municipality contributed to the construction with the amount of 300 Lire. During the war between Venice and Genoa, the monastery was seriously damaged.  About 1434 the Fathers succeeded in obtaining the permission to rebuild "San Francesco fuori le mura"; for the new construction they got a grant from the municipality, but a great help came from a legacy of will of 500 Ducats. The Fathers remained in San Francesco’s convent until 1459.
In 1797 both the church and the monastery passed to the state proprety, but the church was definitively deconsecrated in 1806. Since then, the church, informally called "casermon" by the inhabitants of Chioggia, has been used for different reasons: military store,"of three floors and nine rooms", from the first half of XIX century to the end of the I World War (the convent was demolished within 1840); store of the fruit and vegetable market, shelter for the evacuees after the II World War; garage for buses and at last Chioggia Civic Museum.
The museum has been established with resolution of the Municipal Council n84 on May 28th,1996; it has been inaugurated and opened on May 31st,1997.