National Concordiese Museum of Portogruaro

Address : Via del Seminario, 22
30026 Portogruaro
Tel e fax O421/72674
How to get there: from Venice, motorway A4, Portogruaro exit, otherwise
from Venice S.S. 14 the Latisana – Trieste direction
Railway line, Venezia – Trieste
ATVO bus service San Donà – Portogruaro – Caorle

Opening Times : 9 – 19 from December to March
9 – 14 from Monday to Saturday
Admission: £. 4000
Facilities: NO book shop, NO cloakroom, NO cafeteria
Disabled Access: Stairs

Educational aids and Coordinated activities:

Guided visits organized by volonteer associations
Linked to the Museum
GR.A.V.O. Association of Portogruaro
Tel. 0421/73010


Guide: "Il museo nazionale Concordiese di Portogruaro" Itinerario archeologico di Concordia Saggittaria", Portogruaro 1992. Catalogne

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Curator: Dott.ssa Pierangela Croce Da Villa
Head of information: to be appointed

Collections and sectors:
Scientific aids: photography archives, audio video archives, library
Inventory being comleted
Catalogisation documents and computerised

Property and Management: the State
Owner of collection: the State

Installations burglar alarm, fire alarm, deposit