Museo della Bonifica

Address Viale Primavera n° 45
30027 San Donà di Piave
Tel. 0421/42047 Fax 0421/50961 (Townhall)
How to get there It’s about 4 km. from the Railway Station and 3 km from the bus station. In front of the Cemetery.

Opening times and admission 15.00 - 18.00 from Tuesday to Saturday; 9.00 - 12.00 Sunday and holidays. Closed: Mondays; 25th December, 1st January; Easter and 1st May. Ticket price: to be decided after the opening of the new wing.
Facilities No book shop -  wardrobe - No coffee-shop
Access for disabled Lift to go to the 2nd floor

Educational aids and co-ordinated activities Guided tours on appointment; access to the specialised Library with permission of the director. The Gruppo Archeologico and the Amici del Museo della Bonifica collaborate with the Museum.
Guides and catalogues
Short guide, catalogue of the Museo della Bonifica, Epigraphic section catalogue. As the museum is going to have a new part, a new guide is going to be prepared which will be available to visitors with the definitive opening.

Director Dott. Dino Casagrande
Computer department manager Fiorenza Pietropoli (librarian responsible)

Collection and sectors The exhibition is divided into five sections: Archaeological, Ethnographical, Wartime, Natural history and one dedicated to the land reclamation, the main theme of the Museum
Scientific aids Photographic Archives and Library specialised in material related to the Museum in about 4,000 volumes.
Inventory Almost complete
Cataloguing Partially computerised and under revision

Management Municipal District of San Donà di Piave
Collection owned by The archaeological collection is State property. Most of the material on the land reclamation belongs to the Consorzio di Bonifica "Basso Piave" and is on loan to the Museum. The remaining material belongs to the Municipal District of San Donà di Piave.

Installation Air-conditioning, burglar alarm, fire alarm, deposit.