National Archaeological Museum

Address S. Marco, 17
30124 Venezia
Tel and fax O41/5225978

Opening times 9 - 14
Closed: 1st January, 1st May, 25th December
Price: 4,000

The Museum is a part of the St. Mark’s Museum Complex, therefore there could be some variations concerning opening times and entrance tickets.
Facilities No book shop  - No wardrobe  - No cafeteria
Disabled access Stairs

Educational aids and Co-ordinated activities Workshops, voluntary associations connected to the Museum, advice for teachers
Guides and catalogues B. FORLATI TAMARO, Il Museo archeologico del Palazzo Reale di Venezia, Roma 1969, II ed.
Catalogues from the series I Musei del Veneto
Bibliography I. FAVARETTO, G.L. RAVAGNAN (a cura di), Lo statuario pubblico della Serenissima, ed. Biblos, Venezia 1997

Director Dott.ssa Giovanna Luisa Ravagnan
Computer department manager To be appointed

Collections and sectors Lapid collection, coin collection, glittic collection and pottery collection
Scientific aids Photographic archives, library
Inventory present
Cataloguing Present on paper and partially computerised

Property and management State
Collection owened by State

Installations Burglar alarm; fire alarm; deposit