[Museums on line], is divided into three tours: Historical, Archaeological and Ethnographic.

The surfing key is a color-one: for the "across surfing" (through the territory), three colors habe been used to characterize the Home Page of each tour.

From "the Arcs" (parts of the tour) it is possible to reach "the Satellites", files regarding the sites with archaeological, environmental, artistic and historical interest.

The "knots" (towns and museums along the tour) are marked by the red colour.

As regards "the down surfing" (going into the Hypertext), white and black colours have been used, respectively.





[Libraries on line] gathers 43 libraries placed in the province.

Each library has its own site which contains information regarding the book-heritage, the services, the users, and all the activities about promoting culture for which each library is leader.

Besides a bibliographic research service "on line" has been brought into operation, both in the single cathalogue and the book-corpus of all the libraries of the system; it is also equipped with an educational tour devoted to lead the user in enjoying the real library itself.
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